Wednesday, November 28, 2007

GRC employees facing denial of access

Well, it looks crunch time is coming. Announcements to GRC supervisor's have went out to tell them of employee's who have failed to comply with the new HSPD-12 requirements.

Apparently, NASA wants to have at least one chance to scare employees who are not complying with the new "voluntary" policy by assigning them with a temporary badge before removing their access permanently.

All I can say to the GRC employees who are holding their ground is hang in there. You guys are setting the tone and the line in the sand for many other employees and NASA centers and we appreciate it. Hopefully, once supervisor's realize that they can no longer perform their tasks without key personnel, complaints will start to flow up to NASA management to reassess and evaluate the issue to see if concessions can be made. All we are fighting for is common sense policy and the respect of the employees.

See the full memo here.